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Steel and Metal Picket Fences are Becoming Less Popular


Is there anything that screams Australia more than a picket fence? There is no denying that it is the best way to maintain the privacy of yards, as well as add to the beauty of your garden. A picket fence is also a great spot to look over the neighbour’s boundary and wave to them as they mow their lawn.

However, how do you know which picket fence to opt for? Ideally, you would want to pick one that requires minimal maintenance, is safe for pets and children, and does not need too much care and attention. While steel and metal picket fences were the "in" thing at one point, they are not popular anymore.

Disadvantages of Steel and Metal Picket Fences

Even though steel and metal are strong enough to last centuries, they are expensive materials that require professional installation. While many people think fencing is a DIY project, steel picket fencing proves this theory wrong.

Even though galvanised steel is known to be rust-resistant, it can still gather rust, especially when water seeps through screw holes, welds, and bolts. Steel and metal picket fences also require loads of regular maintenance. Moreover, since steel and metal are heavy materials, most homeowners tend to steer clear of them. They can pose a danger to pets, as well as small children.

Alternatives to Steel and Metal Picket Fences

With steel and metal picket fencing out of the picture, you can also opt for wood or vinyl fencing.

Wood Fencing

Traditionally, picket fences have always been made of wood. This is because wood planks can easily be cut to size, and the fence can be screwed to long nails that only need to be driven into the ground.

You will come across many types of shapes, designs, and sizes when it comes to wooden picket fences. Modern homes will have different variations of the same fence.

However, when choosing wood for the fencing, it is important to opt for long-lasting versions, such as cedar. Cedar will not rot in the heat and humidity. You can also paint over the wooden fence to make it look more appealing.

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl is slowly gaining loads of popularity, especially when it comes to picket fencing. Not only is it a super easy material to work with, but vinyl also does not require too much maintenance or attention. So much so that you do not even need to paint on top of a vinyl fencing- you can let it be the way it is. When it gets dirty during a sand storm or windy weather, you can simply wash it down with some water.

However, when choosing vinyl, it is vital to go for a top-notch quality product. Choosing cheap vinyl will result in inferior-quality fences, which will only succumb to bad weather and direct sunlight.

Are you searching for the perfect picket fence for your beautiful home? Get in touch with Premier Picket Fencing today!