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Top 5 front garden ideas to improve the appearance of your home

Whether you’re selling your home this autumn or staying put, first impressions always count. Your front garden is the first thing people see when they visit or pass by your home, and how it look...

Painting a picket fence on a hot day? You may want to read this

That Aussie summer: the scorching-hot sun, the traditional BBQ and the festive season; there’s plenty to get excited about as the heat starts to ramp itself up.   But often, as temperatur...

5 types of feature gates that will be the highlight of the street!

A feature gate can make a massive difference to your garden, telling your visitors and the whole street about your unique style and personality. Just like your front door, it should be welcoming and s...

Great ideas for custom kit fences

Custom fences are tailor-made to suit your needs and built to meet your specifications, while custom kit fences are also made to order but give you the chance to DIY the installation.   Maximis...

How fretwork can make all the difference when entering a home

Popular between 1875 and 1914, many period homes feature fretwork in Melbourne. Originally designed to add ornament to the harder lines of Victorian architecture, by the Edwardian and Art Deco eras, i...