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How to Choose the Right Fence for Your Property

Picking the appropriate fence for your land is an essential decision that influences not only the protection and seclusion of your household, but also its artistic attraction and complete worth. No...

Transforming Spaces with Unique Fencing Solutions: A Case Study

In the realm of landscape design and property enhancement, fences often play a pivotal role in transforming spaces, providing not only functional benefits like security and privacy but also adding...


Premier Pickets, Supply and Manufacture to the fencing industry, Kit Fences being for fencing sub contractors or Diy clients alike. Diy Kit Fences are very popular for the do it your self...

Fencing Designs for 2023

Get ready for 2023, a year full of new, cool ideas in fence building. Let's look at some of the hottest trends that will be big this year. 2023 is all about mixing things up. Instead of using just...

Guide on Fence Maintenance to Keep Your Fence Looking Great

Fence Maintenance Techniques Fence maintenance is a smart move to improve your property's appearance and security. Regardless of whether you opt for a picket fence, a privacy fence, or something...

Light vs dark timber fences & their benefits?

Adding a fence around your property can be a great addition. It is not just that it adds an extra layer of security but also adds a beautiful accessory for your home. A fence can be quite decorative...

Why The Cost of Building Supplies Has Increased?

The pandemic has resulted in major disruptions all across the world, with the most affected category being the building and construction industry. With a combination of global supply chain delays,...

Benefits of Picket Fences

There’s something quite nostalgic and wholesome about a classic picket fence. Having been around for decades, it’s still a popular choice for many modern day homes today. If you’re ready to change an...

Steel Picket Fences vs. Timber Picket Fences

A fence makes an integral component of your home's outdoor space. It not only serves as a safety measure to contain your little ones and pets but also serves as a design feature that can enhance your...

Always Paint Your Picket Fences With Weather-Proof Paint

Are you planning to refresh the paint of your picket fence? Then, it's always best to choose weather-proof paints. Let's look at what weather-proof paint is and why it makes the best choice of paint...