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When DIY is not an option for your picket fencing


The white picket fence symbolises 'happy ever after' and you want a piece of that dream. However, you are about as handy as Tim Taylor from Home Improvement. What is your next step once you have made the realisation that you just can't build this fence on your own?


The first recommendation would be to think long and hard about whether you want a picket fence. Timber picket fences are incredibly high maintenance. They require constant maintenance to make sure that the elements don't damage them, and wood is prone to damage from termite infestations. Posts and slats are also prone to warping over time, making the fence not only visually unappealing, but it can impact on the amount of privacy that your fence provides.


What are the options available to you? Firstly, if you do choose the timber picket fence, you will need to find a professional to complete the job for you. Professional installation is not a bad thing. Even though it is more costly than a DIY venture, a properly erected fence will help ward off some of the maintenance issues. Professional installation can help make sure that warping doesn’t occur.


As you have come to the conclusion that you are not a DIY’er, but you still want to install that timber fence, it is also advisable that you hire someone annually to maintain the fence for you. Not only will a coat of paint make it look better, but you can also rest assured that the fence is being maintained and won't fall.


If the wood option is to high maintenance for you, but you still wish to achieve the same look, aluminium and steel fencing may be the better option. You won't have to worry about rotting, termites can't eat it and is durable enough to sustain server weather conditions. Maintenance can be carried out by even the most hopeless of DIY’ers, as all it requires is a hose down to keep it looking clean.


What about the aesthetics I hear you ask? Steel fencing has that angle covered as well. Some aluminium fencing products are created aesthetically to mimic the wood (or white picket wood) look. No need for repainting, but you still retain the classic wood look. The only potential downside is the ability for the fence to be marked or damaged more easily. Knocking the fence with a lawnmower or a stray cricket ball is going to mark your fence.


PVC fencing is another option available instead of wood. PVC fencing offers greater durability than wood initially. However, this is a more expensive option to purchase and install. Additionally, PVC will expand and contract when subjected to a fluctuation in temperature, which can cause it to become brittle and crack. There is also a possibility of mould and mildew building up over time.


When considering the fencing options available to you as someone that is unable to participate in a DIY project, all the options are going to be slightly more expensive, as you will need to factor install costs. Professional installation can help take the worry out of the whole process.