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Benefits of Picket Fences


There’s something quite nostalgic and wholesome about a classic picket fence. Having been around for decades, it’s still a popular choice for many modern day homes today.

If you’re ready to change an existing front fence or looking to replicate a vintage style home with all the bells and whistles, installing a picket fence can add some of that ‘old school’ decorative charm that looks amazing.

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of picket fencing and how it can instantly improve the look of your property.

Visual Appeal

On an aesthetic level, the suburban picket fence is a beautiful stand out feature on any home. With fond memories from the 50’s to 70’s era, the traditional white picket fence was the epitome of the great Australian property dream – and perhaps, it still is to this day. Whether it’s a brick facade, older style art deco or Victorian era property, there’s something special about seeing a picket fence when passing by or simply admiring one from afar.

Thinking of selling your home with a picket fence? There’s a certain level of attractiveness that buyers love about it. In our opinion, the picket fence has come along way from being just a decorative way to establish house and land borders, it’s a prominent visual feature that has still retained a certain ‘wow factor’ about it – no matter how big or small the property.



With the cost of raw products and materials on the rise, a classic picket fence is still an affordable option compared to other fencing products out there. At Premier Picket Fencing, we provide customised solutions that work around your budget and can construct and install picket fences that won’t break the bank.

With a range of picket designs to choose from, our team will work closely with you to achieve a cost-effective fence that is built on quality. Whether it’s a Georgian, Roman or Victorian style design, we provide you with a range of costing options to ensure you get the desired outcome you’re looking for. At Premier Picket Fencing, we pride ourselves on our superior craftsmanship and value for money fencing that meets your property requirements.  


Quick & Easy Installation

One of the biggest benefits of a picket fence is its ability for quick and easy installation. Depending on your chosen fittings, accessories and picket sizing, our fencing contractors can design and install your picket fence within days.

During our initial consultation, we’ll discuss your exact requirements and provide you with a personalised estimation for completion. At Premier Picket Fencing, we have access to the highest quality timber and building materials which means we can build your desired picket fence design that works around your busy lifestyle.


Add Instant Value

It goes without saying a classic picket fence that has been well maintained is a game changer on any property. Not only does it create increased perceived value in the minds of a potential buyer, it’s a stylish fence that never loses its broad appeal. This big point of difference makes it an ideal fencing option when selling in today’s saturated property market.

Whether you’re choosing to sell or not, you can’t go wrong with a traditional picket fence for it’s longevity, long term value and overall attractiveness. With over 20 years industry experience, we have the expertise to deliver impeccable designs for your all your fencing projects.

We specialise in a range of period style fences, designs & installation projects across Melbourne.

Whether you’re after woven wire, timber fencing, custom awnings or even older style gates, our team can deliver the ideal outcome to complement the unique design of your home. For the best picket fence business in Melbourne, you can’t go past Premier Picket Fencing to help you make a memorable first impression.

For more information on our unique fencing solutions, give us a call today on 0412 686 704 and we’ll be happy to provide you with a detailed quote.