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Steel Picket Fences vs. Timber Picket Fences


A fence makes an integral component of your home's outdoor space. It not only serves as a safety measure to contain your little ones and pets but also serves as a design feature that can enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal.


While there are several fencing options from which to select, the great debate about fencing often revolves around steel picket fences vs. timber picket fences. Timber has been an all-time favourite for its classic appeal and low upfront cost, but on the other hand, the steel picket fence is experiencing increasing popularity. Since fencing material comes with unique advantages that you should know so you can decide which material is best to safeguard your property in style. Let’s compare the two materials so you can make the best choice for your home’s outdoor space.


Aesthetic Appeal

Timber Picket Fence

Wooden fencing provides natural charm to your outdoor space. The earthy appearance and the soft warmth of wood are an all-time classic for your home fence.


Steel Picket Fence

While there were limited choices of colours and textures for steel picket fences, today, you can find several alternatives for design and colours that can add appeal to your outdoor space.



Timber Picket Fence

Wood is naturally more susceptible to damage from environmental conditions such as changes in temperature and humidity levels. A timber picket fence can absorb moisture and may also warp with temperature changes.

Over time and without adequate maintenance, your timber picket fence may deteriorate.


Steel Picket Fence

Steel picket fences are exceptionally strong and can withstand weather conditions and critters; however, they also need maintenance and upkeep.


Maintenance Needs

Timber Picket Fence

To maintain the look and functionality of your timber picket fence, you need to invest a lot of time and resources. Your wooden picket fence will need regular painting or staining to maintain its appeal and functionality for years.


Steel Picket Fence

Steel picket fences typically require lesser maintenance compared to wooden fences. While there is a need to maintain steel picket fences, it's much lesser compared to a timber picket fence.

Fence Installation

Timber Picket Fence

The installation of a timber picket fence is relatively easier; however it is important to note that wood usually shrinks up to 1/4” following the installation, which can leave unforeseen gaps in the fencing arrangement. Moreover, timber picket fences may also swell during the winter season, so there is a need to take care of these considerations during the installation process.


Steel Picket Fence

It is slightly more difficult to install a steel picket fence as metal is heavier and more rigid than a wooden fence.


Steel Picket Fence vs. Timber Picket Fence – The Perfect Fence For You

The choice between steel picket fence vs. timber picket fence comes down to your preference. A steel picket fence makes the best bet for you if you are looking for a durable solution that requires minimal maintenance. However, if you prefer the rustic appeal and do not mind some extra care, then a timber picket fence makes the right choice for you.

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