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Choosing the Perfect Colour for Your Picket Fence


Whether you are sprucing up an old fence or setting up a new one, selecting the perfect colour for your picket fence can make a huge difference. Nowadays, fences are more than just an added safety feature; they are a way to add value and complete the look of your home. While some people may think that choosing a fence colour is a meaningless chore, it is actually an opportunity to show off your personal flare.

It is time to start thinking about transforming the outside of your home into a real outdoor space. With so many choices available, it is pretty normal to feel overwhelmed. So, to ease things up, here are the top three things to consider when choosing the fence colour:

The Colour of Your House

A fence is merely an extension of your house. Therefore, the colour of the fence should complement the colour of your house. For instance, a white fence will look great with a dark blue house or even a white house. A slightly tan fence will look great with a slightly tan or neutral-toned house. To help you make a better decision, you should take a look at the colour wheel to understand which colours will look best.

The Colour of Your Yard

In addition to complementing your home, the fence should also complement the colour of your yard, including the plants, grass, and trees. However, this depends on your personal preference, whether you want the fence to be well-blended with nature or to stand out in contrast. For instance, red and pink flowers blend well with a slightly tan, white, or red picket fence.

Colours Acceptable to Homeowners Association

Most people may not even think about consulting their homeowner’s association before picking out the colour for their fence. But reaching out to your Homeowners Association and following the rules and regulations can save you from all the future headaches and expenses.

Consider Bold Colours

The colour of the fence alone can be a spotlight for your home. Don’t shy away from choosing eye-catching bold colours. They are not only attractive but also very stylish and enhance the beauty of a home.

When it comes to picking out the perfect colour of your picket fence, it is really all about what you prefer. You can choose plain colours or make your fence look bold and classy.

If you require more assistance or need to make an inquiry, please contact us here so that we can assist you.