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What Type of Houses Are Best Suited for a Picket Fence?


When it comes to installing a fence around the house, a picket fence is often the top choice of most homeowners. They look great, are durable, affordable, and give you privacy without obstructing your view. But did you know that certain types of houses are best suited for a picket fence? In this post, we look at four types of houses that are common in Australia and are also best suited for a picket fence.

A Stand-Alone House

A stand-alone house is quite similar to a bungalow where the homeowner is legally allowed to possess a certain area of land. The possession gives the right to the owner to construct a residential area within a boundary. However, the owner is also required to demarcate the boundary. And that's where a picket fence comes into play. Most homeowners, prefer to go for a picket fence to surround their property for its obvious advantages. A picket fence makes a great choice as it offers privacy without obstructing the outside view. Moreover, the installation of a picket fence also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property, something that may offer you returns when you plan to resale your stand-along house.

A Semi-Detached House

Another type of house that is common in Australia and is best suited for a picket fence is a semi-detached house. The construction of the house is such that there is a common wall that you share with your neighbour. If privacy is not one of the top priorities for you as a homeowner, you can use a picket fence as the partition wall. When a picket fence is used as the shared wall, it can significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space. However, you can only enjoy the improved look at the cost of reduced privacy.


You can also go for the installation of a picket fence if you live in a duplex. Since a duplex is more like a residential building of two homes that shares a common central wall, installing a picket fence in this type of house can be a great choice.

A Townhouse

Last on the list is a townhouse that is also a popular type of housing in Australia. With this type of housing arrangement, you can go for the installation of a picket fence. Since townhouses are usually under a Strata title, you will be required to pay for the maintenance of your outdoor space, landscaping, and other structures such as your fence.

Many other types of houses can be best suited for a picket fence. To find out more about picket fencing and whether your house is best suited for this type of fence, get in touch with Premium Picket Fencing. Call us now at 0412 686 704 and we will be happy to address all your picket fence concerns.