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Picket Fence Maintenance


A picket fence is a lovely addition to any home. It not only adds to the beauty of a property but also provides privacy and safety to those living inside. If you wish to continue cultivating the benefits of having a fence around your estate, you should maintain it well; otherwise, you'll lose money in repairs and replacements.

To help you come up with an effective picket fence maintenance regime, here are some top tips to keep your fence looking fresh for years to come.


Pressure Washing

Like many home installations, picket fences require extensive cleaning, and pressure washing is the best way to go about it.

Pressure washing is an effective technique to do deep cleaning. Use a hose to spray water forcefully on your picket fence from all angles to remove dirt and debris stuck in the recesses.

You can also use a cleansing solution or detergent for extra neatness.


Regular Inspections

Another essential maintenance tip we have for you is carrying out inspections regularly. Scanning your fences is vital to ensure there aren't any underlying issues that you should take care of to prevent further damage.

If you spot a defect such as scraped paint, signs of a termite infestation, hire experts to fix the issue sooner rather than later.



Many times the paint on a fence can begin to get dull due to the outdoor elements. If you take action early on to refresh the colour, you can save yourself from future troubles of repairs.

First, wash your fence and let it dry completely. Once that's done, apply the same paint colour as the one already on it in thin layers. Don't do multiple coats, as doing so will leave you with a mushy looking fence.

If you have a wood fence, you can also apply a layer of varnish for extra shine.


Sanding Your Wood Fence

Wood tends to warp and develop bumps with time, losing its original look. If you have a wooden fence, be sure to sand it every few months to keep it smooth. After doing that, deal it with a sealant to give it a glow and save it from water and moisture in the future.


Keep An Eye Out For Loose Pieces.

A picket fence is a swath of several pieces of whichever material, such as timber planks, the fence is lined together to form a boundary. Over time these parts can loosen up due to heavy rains or harsh winds. When that happens, your backyard bars will become a hazard for you, your family and anyone standing close to it as they might fall off with only a little pressure.

To avoid such an accident, check your fence by applying force to move it in order to see if any segment has come loose. If you find that to be the case, reach out to an expert to fix your home's boundary. And if you think you can do the job, hammer in the loose part yourself.

A fence is unquestionably a beneficial accent for a home, but you need to give it sufficient care to keep it healthy for years to come.