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This Is Why You Don't Paint a Picket Fence in the Rain


This is Why You Don't Paint a Picket Fence in the Rain


Has it been a long and rainy summer in the part of the world you are living in? However, you really want to paint the picket fence in your house, and all your patience has run dry. The real question is that can you paint a picket fence in the rain?

You may be asking this question because it does not look like the rain is going to end any time soon. However, you want to get your house looking presentable so that the next time you have friends and family members over, nothing looks out of place. Unfortunately, you cannot paint a picket fence in the rain. You'll find out why.


Why You Don't Paint a Picket Fence in the Rain

You may be feeling super excited to paint the picket fence in your house. You have got everything needed for this task, including the right kind of brush, paint, and you have even penned down a time to do this in the calendar. However, it has been raining the past few days. What do you do in this situation? You wait it out!

It is important that when you paint a picket fence, no rain occurs for the next three days. We all know that paint takes time to dry and settle down. If you paint a picket fence in the rain, the paint will only wash off the fence, destroying all your hard work.

Moreover, it is essential that you check the weather forecast to ensure that it does not rain the next few days either. Painting the picket fence in your house in the rain will only be a wasted effort. The paint will not settle on the fence, and you will only end up wasting your time and energy. Moreover, you will waste the paint that you got and hence, will waste money.


Other Things to Consider When Painting a Picket Fence

Now that you have learned that you should not paint a picket fence in the rain, there are some other factors to consider.

While you may not ever have perfect weather in the area you live in, it is important to ensure that the weather isn't too hot or too cold. This is essential if you want the paint to stick to the fence properly. According to research, the temperature during the day should be between 5 and 32 Celsius. Slight wind may help your fence-painting process. This is because the breeze will help the paint dry faster. However, it is obvious that the wind would pick up dust and debris. Since the paint on your fence is wet, all this dirt will be deposited on the wet fence. In the end, you will be left with a bad paint job.

Before you paint the picket fence in your house, make sure to check the weather!